Central Ohio Online Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup

A partnership of Central Ohio online only groups of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a directory of their Columbus area meetings.

Any group of Alcoholics Anonymous originating in Area 53 (Central & Southeast Ohio) is invited to list their online only meeting(s) in our directory, and consequently in the  Meeting Guide app. 

Find an online A.A. meeting in Columbus, or Central and SE Ohio. Register your Columbus online A.A. meeting so it will be in the Meeting Guide app.

If you have already registered your group with the A.A. General Service Office, fill out the form below using your assigned Group ID Number.

If you have not yet registered your group with the G.S.O., you can temporarily list your group’s meeting(s) in our directory by filling out the form below, leaving the Group ID Number field blank. You then can register your group with the G.S.O. and obtain your Group ID Number by visiting https://www.aa.org/sites/default/files/literature/f-30_0322.pdfWhy should we register with G.S.O.?

7th Tradition: All expenses for the Central Ohio Online Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup are currently paid for 2024. We encourage you to make 7th Tradition contributions to: